About Airplane Pilot Careers

Our main goal at Airplane Pilot Careers is providing you with the tools you need to advance and thrive in your aviation career.

There aren't many people in the country who have the privilege of being able to fly an aircraft and even less do it professionally. In fact out of the total population of the U.S. ( about 275,000,000) there are only approximately 600,000 licensed pilots. That's .002% of the population that can fly an aircraft.

As a pilot you have a unique view of the world that not many others share.

We understand the challenges that you face and realize that having and acting on the proper information is key to your success.

We want to make sure that you plan your career based on relevant information and that.

Where Are You Going?

You wouldn't leave on vacation without knowing where you are going. We'll isn't you aviation career more important than any vacation?

What type of flying position do you want. Airlines? Corporate? Charter? Fractional? None of the above? It's important that you think about where it is you want your aviation career to take you, put a strategy in place to get there and act on that strategy.

Our Role

So what role do we play in this. As Teddy Roosevelt once said "speak softly and carry a big stick". We are that big stick and when you use our information in combination with your knowledge, motivation, and skills you get an inside track to the career of your dreams.

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